Facebook Old Version APK Download for Android All Versions (Checked)

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Download the Facebook Old Version (FB Old Version) for your Android (All Versions). All of the Old Versions of Facebook have no viruses and are totally free. As you all know on our website, we primarily provide applications for Android and iOS devices. So guys today I brought the Facebook OId Version for you. Today in this article I am going to tell you all about Facebook, its features, downloading information, some of the frequently asked questions of people to Google, and many more other things I also tell you about the FB OId Version. You can download GB WhatsApp Pro on your android mobile from here.

Facebook OId Version is one of the most used applications on the internet nowadays. In America, there were two housemates who were very genius and they were fond of searching the new things. In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and several Harvard College students launched the original version of Facebook. Facebook is accessible from any device that has internet connectivity, including smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices or PCs, Laptops also. GB WhatsApp APK is the best app to sending messages.

The Downloading Information of the Facebook OId Version

App NameFacebook OId Version
Version v235
GenreSocial Networking Site
App Size 39.50 MB
Downloads5 Billion+
Rating4.1 out of 5
Offered ByMeta Platforms, Inc.
Android RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
CostFree of Cost
Get it OnGoogle

What is the Facebook OId Version?

Facebook is an online and social networking site that makes it very easy to connect with people all over the world. Most people always want to use the latest versions of applications, but in the latest versions of the applications, some of the old features are removed and some of the new features are also added. So some people always want to use the old version because they get something amazing and they want to only use that version.

So by keeping in mind the problems of these persons today, I will bring the Facebook OId Version for you. Here today in this article I provide you the old version of FB, and you can choose your favorite version from here, and you can download it. facebook version 4.1.1 free download is also available on our website and you can easily download it by just simply clicking on the green color button that I provided you at the top of the article.

For using the Facebook Old Version 232 you need internet connectivity and it is compulsory for you. Now to use the Facebook account, you need to create a Facebook account, If you already have an account on Facebook, then you need to log in to the account by simply using your I’d and password of the Facebook account. Once the Facebook or login process is complete you have to add friends.

Once the login and creating Facebook account process is complete, you can make the reels, upload the photos, upload stories, and a number of other features are also included in it. On Facebook, you will also get lots of effects and multiple features in it.

Features of the Facebook OId Version

There are a number of features that are included in the Facebook Old Version 232, and here we tell you some of the features that are too much highlighted and you should know about them.

Connect with the Friends on Facebook Old Version

It is one of the basic and primary functions of the Facebook Old Version 235, then you can connect with thousands of people with the help of Facebook all over the world. To make friends online you need to first send them friend requests, and once they accept the friend request, now you become friends and you chat with each other. They can also cancel your friend requests as well and they can also hide your friend request.

Here in the FB OId Version, it is also possible that you can remove any person from your Facebook account if you once added him by mistake or for any other reason for removing him. To remove a friend from a Facebook account is known as unfriending by Facebook.

Facebook Old Version News Feed

It is the basic and primary function of the Facebook OId Version 350, which is mostly used by all the users who are using Facebook. Here you can share your content in the News Feed. In the news feed, you can share your photos, reels, short videos, or any other content you can also share in the News Feed of FB OId Version. Fb old version login details you should remember, that if you forget your login details then you may face many difficulties while logging into your account.

Profile Locked

In the FB OId Version 2013-2022, there is also a special feature of the profile lock, here you can lock your profile, and after that only you and your friends who are already added to your Facebook account can see your photos and videos. To see your photos and videos on your account, they need to first send a friend request to you. If you accept the friend request, then he is able to see your photos and videos.

So it is also an amazing feature for girls who don’t want to share their videos or photos publicly. It is also the best feature for those who want to hide their photos and videos from family members or relatives. So guys if you are interested then enjoy the FB OId Version.

Likes and Reactions

In the FB OId Version, there are 7 likes and reactions available on Facebook’s old version app, and these are like, love, care, haha, Omg (oh my god) sad, and anger. You can choose your favorite and only one reaction to the post. These reactions are basically used by people to react to someone’s post.

Message and Inbox

In the FB OId Version, your inbox contains messages people have sent to you, any comments that have happened on your posts, and general engagement on your page. You will locate your inbox using the top menu, and it will typically be next to the menu options page. Here all the messages will be sent to you.

Comments on Posts

In the FB OId Version, there is also a special feature added that you can also comment on the posts of your friends. On the mark of the 30 anniversary of FB OId Version, it introduces special features of GIFs with comments, Now a user can also use the GIFs for comments on the posts. It means that now you can comment on any of your friend’s posts with the help of GIFs also.


FB OId Version provides notifications of all the activity that happens on your account. Here you will also get a notification of your friends if someone messages you. The notification tells you that someone liked your post, commented on your post, or someone tagged you in a post. The notification provides you the notification of your friend’s post as well as also tells you if any post uploaded on a page that you followed.


Here in the FB OId Version, you can add your favorite photos or videos as a story on your Facebook account. At the time of uploading the stories, you can add a location as well as you can also add a song to your post. Here you will also get the number of effects that you can apply to your post to make it awesome and unique.

Add to Featured

In the FB OId Version, you can add your favorite stories as featured stories and these stories will be seen on your Facebook profile. It is also an amazing feature that you can add all your favorite and most liked stories as features story on your profile.

Archive Thread

In the FB OId Version, you can hide the conversation means chat in the archive thread. After putting your chat in the archive thread, it will not be seen at the top of the first page of the message and inbox. You can hide this chat and you can unarchive it whenever you need it.

FB Old Version Groups

In the FB OId Version, an individual can create a group and the members can post content like, links photos, videos, media, questions, events, and comment on these items. Groups are used for collaborations and allow discussions, events, and other numerous activities.

Live Streaming

In the FB OId Version, you can watch and share real-time, video call conferencing with your fans and followers. Live video streaming will automatically be saved on your device and you can download it whenever required.

Facebook Mentions

In the FB OId Version, there is also a special feature of Facebook mentions. Here you can mention someone in a story or any video. Facebook mentions are available for Android as well as iOS devices. A number of enhancements were made to Facebook Live on Mentions, including editing options to cut out the pointless video at the start or finish of a broadcast and comment moderation capabilities and also included a lot of things in it.

Dark Mode in Facebook Old Version

In the FB OId Version, you can switch your account to Dark Mode. This Mode saves your battery as well as it is also helpful for the eyes. The FB OId Version Downloading link is now available on our website and you will get it totally free of cost.

Your Time on FB Old Version

In the FB OId Version, if you want to check the activity time on Facebook, that is how much time you watch videos, reels, etc. on Facebook. In Simple words, you can say that here you can also check the daily usage time of your FB Account.

Activity Status

In the FB OId Version, you can hide your activity status. It means that if you hide your activity status then you are unable to see it online. You will never see it online on your Facebook account. Your status as active, in the same chat as them, or recently active on Facebook or Messenger is displayed to your friends and connections on this profile.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Final Words

Facebook OId Version is now trending and lots of people commented on our website, they need Facebook OId Version, so for these users, we take Facebook OId Versions for them. Today you can download your favorite old versions of Facebook from our website, Now I finished my words and I hope your doubts and queries are cleared related to the FB OId Version.

If you have still any confusion or queries in your mind please comment below and I will surely reply to you as soon as possible. So guys enjoy your day, and thanks for visiting our website. I hope you all are happy with all the versions that I provided to you.