How to Unlock Facebook Profile? Steps-By-Step (Full Guide)

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Hello all guys, Sending you a warm welcome for visiting our website. Today I brought an amazing and excellent topic for you and that is How to Unlock Facebook Profile. Here I tell you all the steps from basic to the last, How to Unlock a Facebook Profile. So if you having any problems while unlocking your Facebook Profile, then today I clear your all doubts, You have to read the full article carefully.

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Before telling you about the How to Unlock Facebook Profile, I just want to give a short view about Facebook, what is it? What is the use of Facebook and Why do we use Facebook? So guys if you are excited or unlocking your Facebook profile then today you visit the 100 % right website because here we provide accurate and correct information and it is really helpful for the users.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites on the internet. The foundation date of Facebook is February 2004. It is a website that allows users to sign up, and create profiles and they can also connect with their friends across the world. How to Unlock Facebook Profile Is very easy and today we solve your query.

It is a platform that connects people from the different and different places on a single website. Here people can chat with each other they can call, and they can also talk on the video call. Here you can do work with unknown colleagues with the help of Facebook online. How to Unlock Facebook Profile is very easy and you can unlock it within seconds.

How to Connect with Friends with the help of Facebook?

To connect with friends on Facebook the first thing is to have a Facebook account. Firstly you have to make your Facebook account and sign up with your Gmail and phone number. After that, you have to set your profile and now you have to search your friends with his profile names. Once you see the profiles of your friends, you have to simply send them friend requests.

After sending them friend requests, when they accept your friend’s requests you become friends and you can chat with each other as well as you can also do voice or video calls. Here you can also post your images or videos on your account and your friends can react to it. There are seven reactions available on Facebook and these reactions are Like Love, Ha-ha, Wow, Angry, and Sad. Your friends can react with these emojis on your post.

Now in the latest version of Facebook there is a special feature also included and that is Avatar means which allows users to create cartoon-like versions of themselves. It will show on your profile if you are on this setting from your profile. Your animated avatar is displayed when you swipe your profile picture. How to Unlock Facebook Profile now I tell you you have to read carefully all the points.

How to Unlock Facebook Profile?

To Unlock your Facebook profile you have to follow the given points: How to Unlock Facebook Profile Now solved.

  • The first step for unlocking the profile is you have to click on the profile option.
  • Here you will see an option under the profile picture that is you Locked your profile.
  • Here you have to click on the right-hand side on the three dots.
  • Here you will see an option of Unklock profile.
  • You have to click on the unlock profile and you move to the next page.
  • Here you see three options view as, invite friends, and Unlock.
  • Now you have to click on the unlock and again a flash message is seen on your phone.
  • Unlock your profile OK? You have to click on the OK button and your profile is successfully unlocked.

Features of the Facebook


Timeline is the profile page of the social networking site. A user can use it or update it by putting his personal details on it. A user can upload his personal details in the form of text, images, or videos, he can also write his short bio, D.O.B, and many other details in his Timeline.


Facebook allows its users to play the game online as well and they can also play it with their friends. How to Unlock Facebook Profile is now at your fingertips.

Making Reels

Now in the latest version of Facebook, there is also a very amazing feature including that you can also make the reels now and you can upload them to your account. How to Unlock Facebook Profile I already told you.


These are ways for users to create a dedicated page for a special or any particular function or event. With the help of this page user can indirectly invite his all Facebook friends by uploading this page. It is an effective way for a user who wants to promote something like increasing sales, advertisements of the online business, any big celebrations, or many other events.

News Feed

The news feed is available for all the users and it is always changing things. Here a User can upload his photos, videos, links, and updates from family, friends, family, group business, and creators, and they can also write content on Facebook, and all the friends who are connected with him are able to see his news feed and they can react on it as well as they can also comment for it.


In this article, I tell you all about How to Unlock a Facebook Profile, as well as I also discuss some of the other things with you. What is Facebook, its uses, and its features of Facebook? So guys Now I hope all the information provided by me related to the How to Unlock Facebook Profile, is sufficient for you and you are satisfied by it.

If you have any problem or any extra questions regarding the How to Unlock Facebook Profile or if doubt arises in your mind, then you have to comment to us and we will try to solve your query as soon as possible. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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