FB Lite Old Version APK Download for Android (All Versions)

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Hello all my dear friends once again welcome back to our website. As you all know on our website we mostly write articles on Facebook. On our website, we mostly clear the doubts and queries of the people related to Facebook. So by keeping everything in mind today, I brought you the FB Lite Old Version. Here we will tell you all about the FB Lite Old Version, as well as I also provide you the downloading links of all the Facebook Lite versions.

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As we all know most of the young generations people use Facebook. This article is one of the best for the users who use a low-weighted phone. The people who have a 2 GB or 3 GB RAM phone, this application is very best for these users. With the help of this application, they can save space on their phone and they can use it with low data. The lite application of Facebook consists of only 10 to 20 MB. However, the standard Facebook is approximate and consists of 100 MB.

One of the other and most advanced features of using the FB Lite Old Version is that it will save your data. If you have 2 G data network data on your phone, then you can also use it, but the Facebook you are required to have sufficient data with a minimum 3 G, 4 G, or 5 G Network. FB Lite Old Version is a small version of the Facebook that is built for running on a slow device or a low network conditions.

So now you can use Facebook according to your needs. If you have a sufficient and super speed data network then you have to use Facebook, but if you are from a local area and face difficulties regarding the network then I suggest using the FB Lite Old Version. So guys Now I am going to give you detailed information regarding the FB Lite Old Version.

Benefits of the FB Lite Old Version

The features of the Facebook Lite, that make it better than the Facebook app. So let me tell you all the points why it is better than Facebook.

Less Storage

FB Lite Old Version needs less storage on your phone, it consists of only 2 to 5 MB space on your phone. Facebook lite think of songs, apps, and movies that you can put on your phone.

All Good Features of the Facebook

Here in the Facebook lite version, you will get all the good features of Facebook. So many things happening in our lives, and we don’t need any other source to distract us.

More than 30 options are available

The Facebook app comes with over 30 options, which means that the app has over 30 ways to waste your time. Facebook Lite is no good either, but it has fewer options, making it perfect for those who are addicted to Facebook and don’t want to compromise much.

Direct Saving Video

Alright, how many times have you been in a situation where you wanted to save a video, but you could not find any option for saving the video? Well, this is where Facebook Lite comes to save us. In both, you can save your videos to your Facebook account, but in LIte, you can save videos to your device.

Although you will always need Facebook Lite to play those videos, you won’t need an internet connection.

Why do People want to use the FB Lite Old Version?

Most people in rural areas or people who have fewer storage phones want to use the lite version of Facebook, The reason behind this is, that it consumes less data on your phones as compared to the original Facebook. Facebook Lite is a great alternative if you are worried about your data because the original Facebook uses too much data in the background.

If you talk about the features between the original Facebook and the (Facebook) FB Lite Old Version. Facebook includes GPS-enabled features, but Facebook Lite doesn’t include it. If you want a basic and simple interface, and you don’t have a powerful internet service, then I suggest you go with the FB Lite Old Version.

Most people want to use the FB Lite Old Version because in the latest version of FB, some of the features are removed from it, and in the latest version some of the advanced features are also included in it. So sometimes people like an old feature and miss it in the latest version that’s why they are using the old version of the FB Lite.

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If you also want to use the old version of FB lite, then today I solve your all problems because in this article I provide you the all the old versions of FB and you can download it with just a simple click on it. On our website we mostly provide all versions of the FB lite, totally free of cost. FB Lite Old Version Downloading like on available on our website.

Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite?

If we talk about The basic difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite is that in the Lite version, you need a small space in your phone’s RAM, as wells as you can also run the Lite version in the 2 G data network on your phone. But in the original Facebook, you need of a strong data connection and a high RAM phone.

Facebook has included lots of features, like the home, videos, marketplace, Feed, Messenger, Notification, and the main menu. But the FB Lite Old Version includes the feed, friend requests, Messenger, notifications, videos, and main menu buttons.

Final Words

FB Lite Old Version is one of the best applications for those users who have problems with data and network speed. So guys now you can choose by your which Facebook you want to use. You can use the Facebook or Facebook lite old version, according to your needs. So guys now I hope your doubts and queries are cleared related to the FB Lite Old Version. Now I finished my Article. Thanks and Have a Nice Day!

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